Where to buy Shea Butter in Bulk

If you are looking to buy Shea Butter by the pounds then you can visit our site to get all the large bulk wholesale quantities of Shea Butter you need. Our Shea Butter is Unrefined meaning it has not been processed or heated in any way nor does it have any additives. Only use Unrefined Shea Butter on your skin and body for best results and guarantee of purity with all the Vitamins and Minerals intact. Choose only Grade A quality Shea Butter from Ghana.

2016-10-12_16-59-50.jpgMudfarm Organix uses and sources only the purest Organic and Grade A Shea Butter from Ghana and South Africa. We provide only freshly imported Shea Butter to our thousands of customers in Canada and the USA. Try our Shea Butter and see the difference for yourself. Not all Shea Butter is made the same and we can assure you we have the one of the highest and best quality Shea Butter on the market.

Use our butter to make your own products or for retail. Buy bulk and save and we offer free shipping in Canada. We also offer Pure African Black Soap and Cocoa Butter. If you are looking for Essential Oils then we carry 20 of the most popular USDA Organic Pure Essential Oils

Visit Our Site At: www.mudfarmorganix.ca


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